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Matt is dedicated to reducing the burden of high local taxes and stopping the proposal to raise taxes on small businesses. Monroe County has the highest property tax rate in Pennsylvania and our current Representative was the deciding vote against a 50% property tax rebate of up to $1,000 for everyone in the district. Matt will immediately reintroduce that proposal when he gets to Harrisburg, giving Monroe County residents much-needed tax relief. He also plans to introduce a tax relief bill for retirees who are long-time residents of the Poconos.



Matt believes in the power of delivering quality education and the importance of fully funding our schools. The current school funding formula in Pennsylvania is fundamentally unfair to Monroe County and has contributed to rising local taxes. Matt will fight to ensure that Harrisburg contributes fairly to our district’s education system and in turn lowers our property taxes. He also believes in protecting children and empowering parents to make the best decisions for them.


Matt is committed to stopping the irresponsible warehousing development in the Poconos. A native to the Pocono Mountains, he cares deeply for the environment and will fight to preserve the quality of life that residents of the Poconos know and love. Matt supports a bill proposed in Harrisburg to directly empower people to vote on these decisions. He will also propose other creative solutions including requiring stricter environmental standards, comprehensive traffic impact studies, and direct infrastructure investments.

Crime and Personal Safety


Matt supports fully funding and protecting our law enforcement. He is proud to be endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. Our police officers need the proper resources to ensure violent crime in our district does not rise. Matt strongly disagrees with Representative Madden’s vote to release violent criminals into our communities early (HB 146). She also voted against prohibiting the endangerment of public safety officials, including police officers (HB 1546). Both of these bills had significant bipartisan support and were common-sense solutions to keeping our communities safe.




Matt believes that border security is a priority for our country. He supports sustainable and legal immigration. Matt will do anything he can to help keep drugs and crime from coming into Pennsylvania. He will fight so that our resources are used to benefit Pennsylvania families, seniors, and veterans. Matt will continue his calls on Governor Shapiro to send National Guard troops and resources to help Governors secure our Southern border. 


Minimum Wage


Matt is in favor of raising the minimum wage to help struggling families meet the rising costs of basic necessities. Nobody working full-time should struggle to make ends meet or be forced to live in poverty. By increasing the minimum wage, we can provide hardworking Pennsylvanians with a fair and livable income, empowering them to support themselves and their families. Currently, Pennsylvania’s minimum wage is $7.25, the same level it’s been at for decades. This is wholly inadequate and will be a priority when Matt gets to Harrisburg.



The degrading state of political discourse in Pennsylvania has prevented us from reaching common sense solutions for our constituents. Harrisburg is in need of a representative who can work on both sides of the aisle to deliver results on important issues. Matt will always represent the interests of his constituents and will seek their input before voting in Harrisburg. 

Legalizing Marijuana


Matt is firmly in favor of legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania. He is also in favor of retroactive expungement for non-violent marijuana offenses. There is no excuse for jailing otherwise law-abiding citizens and preventing them from contributing to our community. Regulating the distribution of marijuana will promote responsible use and ensure that consumers have access to safe, quality-controlled products. It will also foster a thriving industry that generates revenue through taxes and creates jobs in cultivation, processing, distribution, and retail sectors.

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